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Poem: To be a Fighter By Julien Franke


I run a Beyond the Binary: Gender Nonconformist Group on Facebook.  It is an amazing place where we can all share our thoughts safety, learn from each other and get love and support.   Julien is angry that self-determination was taken from him by the medical community.  Today this poem was shared in this group, and he is allowing me to share it with you today:

I made this short poem today and want to share it with you:

To be a Fighter

No one can tell me who I am,

because I know that I’m an intersex man.

No doctors can make a decision for me.

It’s my body and I’ll be free.

And I know my faith is not a lie,

I stand up again,

enough to cry.

It’s my way and I don’t need your opinion to it, okay?

But I hope I can be a role model in the future days


that I’ll help them to find their ways.


By Julien Franke

“I know who I am and y’all know who you are, too.  We all are valid.”

January 9th, 2019





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