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Poem: March Forth, without you.

As you lay there dying,

You gave me my marching orders:

“We are Knights at the Round Table.

I must die now


You must live on.”

I knew it would be my last night with you.

I stayed awake the entire night. 

Candles of rainbow colors burn in the dark room with only the two of us.

With two oxygen machines humming.

Your CPAP machine was turned off.

Hospice said it was not needed

no more.

The last time I was up all night with you

was when we were young.

Thirty-three years ago.

What a precious memory.

We were so young, so innocent.

Not touched by cancer, twenty-two surgeries,

or several shared close calls with death.

So much suffering would happen.

But back then, it was

only our dysfunctional parents.

You forgave everyone for the harm they had done to you.

We had complete forgiveness for each other, as well.

We screwed up our own kids, though.

It is a generational curse.

Some can not hear

because they are too filled with


There is nothing I can do to change any of them.

Now some hate me,

It is them,

not me.

I pray they stop using me as their punching bag.

I am their scapegoat, though!

You got the last words, though.

They did not hear that you forgave them, though.

So, they call me the liar now.

The truth hurts all of us.

I am abandoned again, 

It is unfair.





As long as I am alive and

I now could die too, soon.

I March Forth

I will abide by

to your last request

my love,

to march


Somehow, without you.


By Anunnaki Ray Marquez

March, 27th, 2023


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