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Poem: Father’s Day is Your Day

An Orange Ribbon for Leukemia

Father’s Day is your day

I will never want to share it with you

Mother’s Day is now Seahorse Day

That is my day because I am your husband now

I could not have done it without you

You gave me your sperm with love

that created our babies with my eggs

I was never a mother though

I am an intersex man

a gestational father

a maternal dad

Together we beat the odds

We had babies

I could not have done it without you

You worked hard and gave all your money to support our famly

We always had a nice house, food, gifts, and life necessities

I was disabled and schooled our kids from home

I was wheelchair bound

I almost died but didn’t

We did our best and it was good

I could not have done it without you

We raised amazing kids together

Inteligent beautiful and wise

We are proud

All three becoming independent now

All three given self-determination

I could not have done it without you

You did your best and we did well

Three kids growing old enough to move out soon

It is only the five of us due to LGBTQIA+ prejudice

Abandoned by family and friends

Having to shut toxicity out to protect us

Our kids will remain close forever

We are all we got

I could not have done it without you

You now fight for your life

Windship has cured you from CMML Leukemia

A new bone marrow has saved your life

It has not been an easy this tranplant

You have almost died but didn’t

The trade for death: You are profoundly disabled now

I am your disabled care-giver

I push you in your wheelchair as my walker

Together we now have an interabled relationship

You could not have done it without me

I could not have survived without you

Together we are


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

For Father’s Day, to the man I have loved for Thirty-One Years

June 20th, 2021


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