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Poem: Can one be two? Yes! | June Pride Month 2020

I was told this world

didn’t like the word sex.

So they changed it to gender.

Then they conflated the two as one and the same.

Assuming all men were male, and all women were female.

Then I was told to be a girl

when I am not a girl!

It doesn’t work that way

in the real world.


To you, there is one problem.

Intersex is my sex,

and man is my gender.


You claim I can’t exist,


here I stand proud before you!


Naked my intersex body appears a



I am still a man.

I am a nonconforming man.

I am still a man.


No, your world won’t convince me otherwise now.

It is your problem that I exist.

And you don’t get to erase me.

I don’t have a personal problem now.

I exist

beyond the binary!


Forms will have to change.

Programing will have to change.

I get to exist now.

To you, when I hold hands

with my husband, I appear a

gay man.


Can one be two?


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

June 11, 2020


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