Human Rights Violations, Intersex Awareness

Intersex Bodies are Not an error: My Intersex Story, and the stories of so many others.


Blogs I have written about how intersex is not a defect, a syndrome, or about being disordered:

1) My genitals are not “Normal”, but I don’t think normal is normal.

2) It is time to stop the “normalizing” genital surgery on intersex infants!

3) “It’s too small, let’s make them into a girl!” Yup, this atrocity is still happening today!

4) All Intersex Bodies are Beautiful, and I do not need fixed to fit your ‘normal’.

5) Doctors, Please Stop Lying to Our Parents. Intersex people are lovable without being fixed. WE ARE HUMAN

The works of others: 

Educational Intersex Videos, Websites, Blogs, Authors, and Articles.

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To see please go to: The Interface Project: No Body is Shameful


World Wide Advocacy & Support For Intersex and Transgender People


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