Intersex Educational Resources


To learn a common language that we all should be using, when talking about inters variations, here is the The United Nations’ Intersex Fact Sheet.  
United Nations Intersex Awareness; Free and Equal:  Intersex babies are perfect just as they are:  Please Sign Up With the United Nations If You Agree.

Here are links to Intersex Educational Videos:

  1. Gender Bound: Lessons From the World Between By Judi Herring, M.D.
  2. Between Genders: Exploring Intersex with Hida Viloria
  3. Intersex People and the Physics of Judgment | Cecelia McDonald | TEDxBoulder
  4. Not a Girl, Not a Boy – Intersex Documentary
  5. We Are Intersex Youth
  6. Pediatric Surgeon Mika Venhola on INTERSEX
  7. What it’s Like to be INTERSEX
  8. Intersexion on Vimeo
  9. Intersex persons’ human rights defenders; ilga
  10. Intersex Questions and Answers
  11. Alice Dreger: Why Have Intersex Rights Been So Hard to Secure in America?
  12. BORN BETWEEN The Nature of Intersex (20 Minute Promo)
  13. Interthoughts: Interview with Eden Atwood, Part 1
  14. Interthoughts:  Interview with Eden Atwood Part 2
  15. Intersex: the I in LGBTI I The Feed
  16. WEST AND PROUD ‘Tony Briffa, vice president of Organization Intersex International Australia’
  17. Dr. Tiger Devore, PhD – The Interface Project
  18. Growing Up Intersex Part 1
  19. Life and Intersex: An Interview with Jim Bruce and Eden Atwood of the Interface Project
  20. Lets Talk About (Inter)Sex!
  21. Intersex: Disqualified For How I Was Born
  22. ORCHIDS ORCHIDS: MY INTERSEX ADVENTURE | Women Make Movies | Trailer
  23. Out as intersex & genderqueer in Gendernauts, ’99 groundbreaking doc with Hida Vilora
  24. Intersex 20/20 Part 1 of 2 (Hida Vilora)  and Intersex 20/20 Part 2 of 2 (Genital Mutilation)
  25. A collection of videos from Hida Viloria: Hida
  26. Maya Posch on Living Intersex | River’s Diary
  27. Let’s Talk About: Klinefelter’s Syndrome, Intersex & Transgender
  28. Intersex: Disqualified For How I Was Born (The testimony of an XY Intersex women denied entry into the NAVY)
  29. Hida Viloria with Oprah Winfrey
  30. Tiger Devore with Oprah Winfrey

Videos that Directly Address Genital Mutilation, and Unnecessary Cosmetic Genital Surgeries:

  1. US: End Irreversible Genital Surgeries on Intersex Infants; InterACT
  2. Discovery – Is It a Boy or a Girl ft. Tiger Devore PhD
  3. Betsy Driver – Interview Amsterdam 2014
  4. Betsy Driver – Flemington, N.J., U.S.  The Interface Project: (CAH INTERSEX and genital mutilation)
  5. Markus Bauer – Stop Intersex Genital Mutilation
  6. Tiger Devore, Ph.D. – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – The Interface Project
  7. Tiger Devore with Oprah Winfrey
  8. Jim Ambrose – Oakland, California, USA The Interface Project  His Video: Jim Ambrose: The Interface Project
  9. Jim Lake -The Interface Project (Hypospadias)
  10. Intersex Children: Waiting to Decide on Sex Surgery?
  11. Genital Mutilation: America’s double standards
  12. Intersex Protest Forced Genital Surgery
  13. XXXY (2000)
  14. Intersex True-Hermaphrodite (Survivor)
  15. INTERSEX STORIES: Alex & Mugsie.wmv
  16. Memories of an intersex kid: the medical exam table
  17. Why Have Intersex Rights Been So Hard to Secure in America?
  18. Surgical Abuse of Intersex Child
  19. Dana interviews Mo Cortez about living life as an intersex man.
The Blogs and the Websites of Others: 
  1. AIS-DSD Blog Site
  2. Alex Antaras: I’m Intersex! Here is what that means.
  3. Lianne Simon and her Blog.
  4. Blog: Lynnell Stephani Long On Being Intersex
  5. Blog: Jim Ambrose: Impossible Hermaphrodites: Jim Ambrose
  6. Hida Viloria:  Website: Hida Viloria Intersex Writer and Activist
  7. Hida Viloria:  Tumblr Blog: Intersex and Out
  8. Tiger Devore, Ph.D.
  9. Blog: BRUJULA Intersexual (Spanish)
  10. Blog: Beyond Binary: Transgender, Intersex & Cross Cultural Experience
  11. Cary Costello, Ph.D.;  Blog: Intersex Roadshow ; Blog Trans Fusion , and Transgender Today  Cary’s Quote: “Intersex people are supposed to lie low and keep quiet. Not me. I’m not defective, I’m not disordered, I’m not ashamed. I just don’t fit in your M/F boxes. I’m intersex by birth and honest by choice.”
  12. Blog: Actually Intersex
  13. Blog: XY Suz
  14. Zoe Brain; Blog:  Notes from the T Side
  15. Intersex Day and their Facebook Page: Intersex Awareness Day
  16. Blog: Intersex: Born This Way | When Sex and Gender Don’t Interact
  17. Blog: Intersex James: The life & times of one born between sexes
  18. Blog: The Houston Intersex Society
  19. Blog: Alex Antaras: I’m Intersex! Here’s what that means.
Authors of Books and Autobiographies about Intersex: 
  1. By Megan K. DeFranza; Christian Theologian Sex Difference in Christian Theology: Male, Female, and Intersex in the Image of God
  2. By Hida Viloria Born Both: An Intersex Life
  3. “Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite” and “A Proper Young Lady”: By Lianne Simon
  4. Book Writer; Yuri Futanari:  Author of Fictional Intersex Stories (and an intersex person themselves).
  5. Book Writer; Colin Geer:  Last Weekend (About a woman with CIAS Intersex).
  6. By Wilma Swartz Two Different Worlds I’ve Lived In: The True Story of Being Intersex
Intersex Articles:
  1. Pigeon Pagonis and the Fight for Intersex Rights.
  2. What we wish our parents knew; By InterACT Youth 
  3. NGO Report: Intersex Genital Mutilations Human Rights Violations
  4. Five Myths that Hurt Intersex People By Cary G. Costello Ph.D.
  5. FALLING IN BETWEEN: INSIDE THE LIVES OF INTERSEX WOMEN What happens when you’re born with the genes of one gender and the body of the other — or somewhere in the middle? It’s complicated.
  6. Understanding the “I”, in LGBTI By Azmina Dhrodia, Researcher/Adviser Gender, Gender, Sexuality and Identity
  7. 7 Ways Adding ‘I’ to the LGBTQA+ Acronym Can Miss the Point June 29, 2016 by Pidgeon Pagonis
  8. Intersex Stories and Statistics From Australia
  9. Evidence regarding cosmetic and medically unnecessary surgery on infants
  10. A Conspiracy of Deceit: Alice Dreger, ISNA, the invention of DSD and Dix Poppas of Cornell who cuts up intersex babies’ clitorises
  11. German proposals for a “third gender” on birth certificates miss the mark By Morgan on 20 August 2013
  12. Third International Intersex Forum 2013
  13. The Marks On Our Bodies
  14. Statement by Leslie Jaye, OII-UK 5 November 2015 Leslie Jaye of OII-UK made this personal reflection for Intersex Awareness Day, 2015.
  15. Tony Briffa speaks at the Darwin Outgames Human Rights Forum
  16. Intersex Bodies and the Society That Shapes Them By Morgan Carpenter
  17. What does it mean to be young and intersex today? TextDominique Sisley IllustrationPenny Chan
  18. Op-ed: Intersex, the Final Coming-Out Frontier By Hida Viloria
  19. We’re Here, We’re Herms, Get Used to It! By Hida Viloria
  20. At 12 I grew a beard and had a period. By Alec Butler and Mi vida como intersexual: “A los 12 años tenía barba y la menstruación”
  21. Manufacturing Comfort By Jim Ambrose
  22. Being Intersex — More Than a Diagnosis By Catherine Graffam
Support Specifically Directed to Parents of Intersex Children:
  1. Your Beautiful Child: Information for Parents From: Oii USA


Note: If a blog, video or article is not included here, and you want it to be, please contact me!  Thank you.






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