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My genitals are not “Normal”, but I don’t think normal is normal.


I am tired of hearing the words “normal”.  Who is truly “normal”?  

Is the government and the medical system that powerful that it can declare me, or anyone “defective” or “disordered”, when our genitals do not add up to “normal”?  So far the answer is “yes”; And yet, nature created my intersex body and all the transgender people out here.

I now know that biological sex is on a spectrum, and that gender is also on a spectrum, and that there are many different varieties of human out here.  But yet, all these cultural rules, of what makes the perfect male and female; and then they call that cultural ideal “normal”.

Is a society that powerful, that I should feel “broken”, or “wrong”, the rest of my life, just because I do not appear a  typical male,  or a typical  female?  That is what culture wants me to feel.

I am not going to be the victim to a broken culture anymore.  I can’t be.  It is destroying me again, even as I love my genuine self.    I can not allow culture to destroy me.  I have the right to live now.  This is not my dysphoria, it is cultural dysphoria.  Culture is the problem here, not me.

Every day I walk out my door, I feel like an outcast.  Unless I conform to the male/female binary, I stand out.  Some say it is a choice.  But is it really?

Is it really a choice, when to be accepted as “Normal” and to be treated with decency one has to do things a certain way?  Of course, this is not a choice.  Maybe I don’t want more surgery, or typical hormone levels.  Maybe I don’t want to talk or dress a certain way.   There is nothing normal about taking away a person’s human right to exist their genuine self.

To me, this means that “normal” is not “normal”, because it is taking away human rights.  There is nothing normal about taking away a person’s human rights.  To me that is prejudice, judgement, and lack of acceptance of all the varieties of us humans out here.

This “normal”,  is making people feel less than, until they feel so uncomfortable they conform.  I see it all the time.  Transgender people saying they have been born in the “wrong bodies”.  Are they really?  The parents of intersex babies, being told the same.  That their baby needs corrective genital surgeries, because their body is “disordered”, and wrong too.


Worse, in many states, in the USA, and in many countries, people have to have surgery to even change their birth-certificate to their true gender.  Gender is not in our genitals, but everywhere there are laws that try to claim that is.  Some of these emerging bathroom laws prove that mentality.

This means not only are intersex babies harmed, to be surgically forced into these two boxes, male and female; it also means transgender people are not being given the choice of genital integrity too.  So much suffering in this world, all because of the word “normal”.  The human right to self-determination is being taken everywhere in this world, because of “normal”.

The Government Should Not be Allowed
Fix Society not Our Bodies.

It is time to  start using the word ‘typical’, and throw out the word ‘normal’.  

It is time to start by giving me, and other people born intersex or transgender, our genital integrity back.  If this means our gender expression is different, or may appear non-conforming,  then the world can learn to love us.  You know why?  Simply because it is our HUMAN RIGHT!



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