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How dare you say to my face, that it is ok if they had killed me as a fetus.

Stop the Eugenics and Genocide of Intersex

This article started a tidal wave, of heartbreak,  that I did not expect in my life.  Eliminating intersex babies is not a legitimate use of genetic embryo testing By Celeste Orr:  I quote here:

“Eugenics is not a horrific memory of the past; it is an ongoing practice that hides under the guise of benevolent medical technology like PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis). Using these technologies to select against traits that we consider to be imperfections or deformities rather than normal and celebratory human variations reproduces the very prejudices –like intersexism, ableism and queerphobia – that oppress living people. Using technology to eliminate “imperfect” or “unviable” humans reproduces the false ideology that people with bodily variations have unliveable and pitiable existences.”

I will add, that it is not only technology like PGD that promotes the eugenics and the genocide of intersex people, it is any form of in-utero testing that can detect our intersex condition before we are born.  If a fetus comes back with an intersex condition, the parents now can have the right to end our lives and abort the pregnancy.

Here is another article that addresses this: Why I’m Disturbed by Screening for Intersex Traits in Utero By Claudia Astorino   In this Claudia Astroino (Intersex Activist) says:

“I strongly feel that safe, legal abortion must be accessible for everyone, including intersex folks like me. But I also want to question why our society is attempting to erase intersex people, either before or after birth.”

Since the 1990s, intersex activists have advocated for the right to bodily autonomy, first in the United Kingdom, later in the United States, and now globally. We’ve been working to end the practice of using medical means to solve a social problem: that people are uncomfortable with intersex bodies. To this end, we’ve been educating others that intersex people exist, what intersex means, and why the routine medical practices used to alter our bodies without our consent must end. Recently, however, intersex activists have become aware that in addition to speaking out against how intersex people are treated after birth, we need to talk about the fact that intersex people are being prevented from being born in the first place.”

Ok, now that you know this.  Let me share with you what just happened to me.  I was sharing with my friends and family about the horror of eugenics and the genocide of intersex people, and was informed by three in my social circle on Facebook, that my parents indeed had the RIGHT to abort me, if they had known.

These are the same people that said they “loved me”, and called themselves  and “LGBTQIA Ally”, who called themselves “Family”, and who called themselves “Friends”.

My heart sank.  

Once again, being put in the position of unfriending and even blocking from my life, this insidious negativity, that approved that my very existence as a human being was up to  choice.

The self-righteousness of their tone, in feeling justified to share that they felt it my parents right, and the right of every parent of an intersex child.  Worse, I expected to agree, even though it would have meant I might not even be ALIVE, if my parents had been given this choice.

I was expected to stay calm, and not get angry too.  Worse, there was no educating these three.  “Pro Choice” was the stance they took, not caring that this was truly no different than Hitler, and his eugenics and the genocide, of what he felt was an inferior race.


I would like to think if my parents had, had this choice they would have given me the choice to live.    I might have been assigned the wrong gender, and my life medically complicated in many ways, but I know one thing for certain, I WAS LOVED by my mom and dad, and I AM LOVED NOW, by my true friends, husband and kids.   Most of all, I LOVE LIFE, even if I am a sexual minority in a world that is reluctant to give me my human rights.

I also have many, many intersex friends, whom I love and care for, and I cannot imagine for one second not having them in my life.   It truly makes me wonder if they could detect Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender, in-utero, if those parents would be given the right to abort them too.  My assumption, is sadly yes, it would be condoned.  This world has become a sad place, and it goes to show that some are not pro life for OUR LIVES.

Here is another good one written by Cary G. Costello, Ph.D.On Eugenic Abortion of the Intersex


Eugenics and Genocide

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1 thought on “How dare you say to my face, that it is ok if they had killed me as a fetus.”

  1. Sadly there are people that are so ingrained in their own ideology that they refuse to see how hurtful their words are. I too had to unfriend someone who insisted that trans women were men and it was “perverse” to allow them to use the same restroom as “women and girls.” After I had tried to show how this was all based on a myth, they deleted the thread with my response and then doubled down on their transphobia. Selective abortion to eliminate a class of people is eugenics and is unconscionable. My condolences for your ordeal.

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