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Can We Really Identify All the Genders Out There?

The answer is:


Here is why:

To me, gender is a spectrum as vast as the Universe and is as personal as each and every person’s experience here on Earth.  Gender is dictated by too many factors to mention here in the time allotted for one simple blog post.  Some try to give gender a number.  Due to human experience being so vast, I do not feel it can be that simple.  My educational links and references can guide you to more on intersex and gender.

The one thing I have learned is that there are many genders, not just cisgender.   When one sees the stories of other Intersex people they learn that gender is not ruled by our reproductive organs, the genitals in our pants, or our chromosomes either! Although some intersex people might feel born “cisgender”; many intersex people are assigned the wrong gender at birth.  When we reclaim ourselves, some do not feel transgender, but some may.  Each experience is unique to that person.

Cisgender is the most common, and often the only one considered “normal” in modern day societies.  Some call it “gender-normative” because of this.   The truth is, it is simply typical and occurs the most.  As anyone knows, “typical” does not mean normal.

Why is cisgender considered “Normal”?  Likely because of cultural expectations, laws, religion, other strong driving social influences and possibly fear.  Gender is a social construct.  The Male and Female binary was created by humans and our culture.

The “gender-normative” binary is not something nature had in mind.  Nature has an amazing sense of humor.  There are all sorts of variations of human genitals, chromosome patterns, hormonal combinations, and many genders to go with them.

Too many types of gender,  to justify all these destructive laws, and strict societal expectations over what is the right set of genitals, what is the wrong set of genitals and what truly creates a female and male.   From there, human culture and society created gender expression.  Which is how one is to appear as male or female, and this then becomes a whole other blog post.  To learn terms you may have never heard before please go to my page:  Helpful LGBTQIA+ Definitions. 


Some do not like the word “Cisgender“.   I think it is because they are truly not informed about the diversity of life on Earth.  This is also what I would like to say about that:

When one realizes that there are other experiences out there, other than cisgender: such as non-binary gender, transgender, gender fluid, gender queer, bi-gender, tri-gender; and so many others; they realize that we truly need the word “cisgender”; to explain things.  Therefore, us minorities obviously need better laws to protect the natural human experience happening in our world.  It is obvious that not all of us are born cisgender. More and more of us want our visibility and our human rights.

Last, by realizing that gender cannot be assigned by surgical interventions, it stops the genital assigning surgeries that are harming intersex infants and children.  It will also change laws that say your gender can only change if your genitals or hormones match those who are born cisgender.



What are other intersex people saying about gender?

  1. Cary Gabriel Costello Ph.D.’s  Intersex Roadshow: Cisgender Trans Gender and Intersex
  2. Hida Viloria: Caught in the Gender Binary Blind Spot: Intersex Erasure in Cisgender Rhetoric
  3. A blog post I wrote about how I feel about my own personal gender:  I am an Intersex Person. I never felt like a Cisgender Person and I Relate to Some Transgender Men

What does Judi Herring, M.D., teach about gender: TEDX TALK, GENDER BOUND: LESSONS FROM THE WORLD BETWEEN.


By Sophie Labelle of “Assigned Male” Cartoons.




Credit for comics used:  Assigned Male Comics; “Smashing the gender binary one strip at a time!” By Sophie Labelle:  Facebook Public Page:  Assigned Male Community.  Please “Like” her stuff.



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