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My First Year Celebration! With Pictures of My First Year Transformation




One year ago, December 19th,  I started my journey legally and hormonally as male.  This was after living un-authentically for the first 46 years of my life.  The ‘Happy Birthday’ picture above, was the one my husband picked out for invitations for my FIRST YEAR BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION.  To be seen as his husband now, is a beautiful and genuine thing!

As one can imagine, every facet of my being, and relationship change socially, culturally, physically, interpersonally, spiritually and legally.  To find doctors who would help me, was one of the biggest challenges.  Due to stigma, there are simply few who will help people like me, but I did it!

In the last year, I have emerged from my wheelchair, significantly disabled.  I no longer have dark circles under my eyes, and am now walk everywhere, floor exercises, weight lift, and bike weekly.  With the Ketogenic/Paleo Diet, and added testosterone,  I lost over 30 pounds of weight this last year and gained muscle mass.  Since the birth of our daughter, in 2004, I have lost over 80 pounds.  

All this has helped my mitochondrial function,  metabolic disease, muscles, fatigue, and ended much of the adrenal and autonomic dysfunction I was having.   I no longer have to take many of the drugs or hormones doctors wanted me to.  I now feel healthier than when I was twenty!   You can read more about my  life, my health issues, and my form of metabolic disease, and intersex here: About Anunnaki Ray (With Videos)

My masculinity is finally welcomed!

I am no longer enslaved to the expectations society forced onto me.  I get to grow out my facial hair, body hair, and not have to do all those things to conform to appearing female, when  being female was never me to begin with.  This last year, my husband and I have fallen in love much deeper than anyone imagined.  Plus, of course our children are happier too!  Because I am ALIVE NOW, and no longer so sick, and able to be proud of myself.


It is definitely a day to celebrate!


December 19th, 2015; My First Birthday Pictures taken by Karmathartic Studios.


With Courage I share My First YEAR Transformation with you (with our home pictures).  These pictures go in order from October 2014 (when I was very sick), to December 19th 2015 (after I had regained my health).







I Dedicate my First Birthday Message,  to my precious husband of twenty-seven years, with a song that means much to both of us.  
From the start, so many tried  to destroy our relationship.  



INXS – Never Tear Us Apart

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 8.55.33 PM


 Reflections of My Husband: You Are Not Broken To Me 
Maybe, Just Maybe, it is time to Un-know Gender
For more information about my story you can also read: The Emancipation of My Spirit and My True Gender.
Please feel welcome to share my story and the stories of other intersex folks:  
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Professional Photos By:  Karmathartic Studios


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