Become an Intersex Ally and a Messenger



Seven simple things you can do to become an Intersex Ally and a Messenger:  

  1. Print these 2 PDF’s out, and hand it out to people: The United Nation’s Intersex Fact Sheet 2016 and Brief Guidelines for Intersex Allies
  2. Include “Intersex” in your Human Rights Efforts.   When you say “LGBT please add the “I” now.   Say LGBTQI+ or even say LGBTQIA+.   This gives you the opportunity to explain why:  That there are millions of intersex infants being surgically and medically violated, and sometimes a few of us may even appear, queer, transgender, gay, lesbian, or asexual, in this world.  Here is another important link:  How to Add the “I” Responsibly to LGBT+
  3. Tell Others there is Help and Support out there:  World Wide List of Advocacy Organizations.  
  4. Share the stories of intersex people:  Intersex Educational Videos, Blogs and Articles
  5. “Like” the public Facebook pages of all us advocates and activists.
  6. Give voice to those innocent babies who have no voice.  We are as common as redheads at 1.7% of the population.
  7. Change the way you talk about us:  We are born with various INTERSEX BODILY VARIATIONS.  Please do not say “condition”, “disorder”, or “syndrome” anymore. 
  8. Share My Daily Message, and Intersex Education from my website, Facebook, and Twitter.

What you share to this world will make the difference in the life of a baby born this way.  Everytime language is wrong, I believe another intersex child could be violated.

You can hire me to come to educate your organization, or even train you one on one:  Speaking & Educational Services 

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Transgender/Intersex Civil Rights Community

Facebook Support Groups I help administrate:  Intersex Support for Parents and BEYOND THE BINARY: Gender Nonconformist!

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Together we can help create a world that stops surgically mutilating the genitals of intersex children and allows the self-determination of gender. 

Fix Society with Angel Feather
Hope for a Better World.



The Intersex Flag

To see the other flags and definitions go to:

Helpful LGBTQIA+ Definitions and Flags


Anunnaki Travels The World 


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