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Why do I feel like A VISITING ALIEN?


Do I really have to have more surgery to fit into


I use to appear a typical woman

Then I use to want to appear a typical man

Now I am being compared to transgender men

I even made a lousy woman.

Where do I fit in?

Please do not erase me

I have had over nineteen surgeries

Thanks to being sickly and broken all my life

I am EXHAUSTED trying to fit into your world

Please do not erase me

Just let my body be.

They say “No Body is Shameful”

Oh how beautiful that is!

Please do not erase me

I just want to go to the beach, the pool; to dress the way I am

But do I dare?

Will I be called the bearded woman?

Will you call me drag?

Would you be my friend or talk behind my back?

I am not a circus sideshow

I am not a woman

I am an intersex person

I am an intersex man

Please do not erase me

They said I am unlovable

Yet I even proved you wrong there

I am loved, desired and needed

I am a LOVED

parent, a husband, a brother, a cousin, and an amazing friend!

I even contribute to this world to make your planet a better place


Here I am wishing…….

to be a part of your world

Please, I beg this world for



STOP Cutting us to make us fit in

Stop expecting me to CUT myself

To fit in.


This is my planet too!


Simply want human rights


Want to feel human

Please do not erase me,


any of us Intersex People


doesn’t have to be invisible anymore! 


Poem By Anunnaki Ray Marquez

November 8th, Intersex Day of Solidarity, 2015.


I wrote this poem to go along with this blog post: 

All Intersex Bodies are beautiful, and I do not need fixed to fit your normal 

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List of:  


Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.45.22 AM

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 11.28.55 AM
A post I shared on Facebook July 4, 2018.


A piece of art I bought from Far Out Design. CO 

In Honor of Herculine Barbin: November 8th, Intersex Day of Solidarity.


13 thoughts on “Why do I feel like A VISITING ALIEN?”

  1. I wish that you had not been so terribly hurt by people insisting that you fit into some predetermined box. I will not erase you!


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