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POEM: COVID 19 War Zone, No April Fools Day!

7.8 Billion People And here I am feeling special here I am not wanting to die knowing I could due to health and age predispositions   ONE of many, too many who don't want to be the ONE   7.8 Billion People Conspiracy theories racing in our heads. It feels like eugenics again I finally… Continue reading POEM: COVID 19 War Zone, No April Fools Day!

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Poem: A Service Dog’s Perfect Love

Moose, Our beloved dog. You loved your family loyally since day one. A gift to us from the angels. Your ability to detect seizures and lactic acidosis even. We found a dog school that taught us to train you into service. You officially became a service dog and went everywhere with us. Allowing us to… Continue reading Poem: A Service Dog’s Perfect Love

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Poem: Them | By Sara Kaplan

They look in the mirror and it is not right. They strive for perfection, and what’s reflected back doesn’t work for them. They aren’t comfortable being bound by boxes and binaries. They are themselves although that’s an intimidating place to be. They hold their ground and position with a ferocious stubbornness. Proven first, with their… Continue reading Poem: Them | By Sara Kaplan

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Poem: Human Diversity & Your Prejudice

This poem was made with the beautiful Pride SPACE Flags created by Laurie Raye and graciously shared to all to use.  If you need definitions please visit Helpful Definitions of Human Sexuality with Flags. Human Diversity & Your Prejudice   If you hate us LGBTQIA+ people this poem is for you: Human Diversity is Beautiful stop… Continue reading Poem: Human Diversity & Your Prejudice

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Poem: Here we go again in 2020

I promise once again to be in service to this world. I am loyally fulfilling my sacred contract.    My voice is being heard now I beg you to stop! I will try to make laws to make you stop hurting innocent intersex children. I will educate you even if your mind is closed. I… Continue reading Poem: Here we go again in 2020

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Poem: Castle | By Aleksander Beryozkin

Мне сложно верить людям Мне сложно открыть своё сердце 💔 Мне сложно довериться собственной интуиции Мне легче спроецировать свой страх на других Мне легче поверить, что меня снова кинут, предадут, обманут. Мне легче обидеть и захлопнуть дверь 🚪. Меня столько раз оставляли, обижали, разрушали мои надежды, бросали в меня камни, били, уничтожали... Что когда кто-то… Continue reading Poem: Castle | By Aleksander Beryozkin

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A Sad Christmas Haiku

My friend on facebook used to play a game with haiku, where you keep on going with the last sentence of that last haiku.  She wrote: Their cold prejudice Will not stop us enjoying Our family of choice. By Cathy Green ♥♥♥ More Poems I Have Written Since Emancipating My True Gender ~.V.~

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Poem: Systemic Erasure of a Class of People

You call this evolved? You are a fool! With your invention of sex, you erased an entire class of people.  Ancient people accepted what you denied.  Indigenous people accept what you deny! We have existed since the first humans have walked the Earth I have seen the past, I have read what they wrote.  I… Continue reading Poem: Systemic Erasure of a Class of People

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Poem: When I faced the streets alone

When I faced the streets alone I looked up into the Florida winter sky The stars seemed further away than usual  God nowhere to be found in my heart I thought I was alone I now know God was there but not at the time just darkness you see, boys don't cry... or do they?… Continue reading Poem: When I faced the streets alone