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Painting: Intersex Activism (Prints Available) | By Mx. Chris Nicholson

Mx. Chris Nicholson 2019
Mx. Chris Nicholson

Mx. Nicholson is an intersex and intergender individual. They learned about who they authentically are a year ago. Like a caterpillar, Mx. Nicholson went into a chrysalis and is now beginning to evolve into a beautiful butterfly. Mx. Nicholson created Intersex Activism as a symbol of visibility, hope, and change.

Painting: Intersex Activism
Painting: Intersex Activism, By Mx. Chris Nicholson | September 2019

Intersex Activism is a painting, which is 20 x 20, and the medium is Acrylic.  This painting symbolizes the ongoing fight the intersex community faces every day.  Intersex people fight for visibility, human rights, and for medical professionals to stop mistreating them and to embrace the fact that they are natural human beings, not medical anomalies.  The ring and the yellow background is the intersex flag.  The people in the foreground symbolizes those that get left behind and those who are fighting for change.  The imperfections of the ring symbolize the imperfect treatment we receive.  This painting is a symbol of change and visibility.  A symbolic statement that says, “We are here and we are not going anywhere!  We will not be silenced anymore!”

Intersex Activism Prints, By Mx. Chris Nicholson, are now available:

Two sizes are offered. Both are high quality, semi-gloss prints. The sizes offered are 20×20 and 10×10.

20×20 is $100 dollars including shipping
10×10 is $50 dollars including shipping

For payment options please private message Rainbow Studios.

You can follow and contact Mx. Chris Nicholson on their Facebook page:  

Rainbow Studios


Here is a Closed Intersex Support Group Chris Nicholson Administrates.  Simply answer the questions to get into this group: Intersex Haven


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