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My Anatomical Intersex Body Does Not Create My Gender Identity


Here is my blog in response to lots of people assuming that my gender identity would be “Gender Neutral” due to being born intersex. This assumption is profound and not accurate for so many of us born anatomically intersex.

A “Gender Neutral” birth certificate is good only for people whose gender identity is gender neutral which is not all of us born intersex.  Please help us educate today and teach this world to stop conflating gender identity with anatomical realities. Here are two of my posts on social media that I have turned into this blog:

My thoughts for the day, Part 1:

Anatomical Bodies do not create our gender identity for hundreds of millions of intersex, non-binary, and transgender people.

All humans can have a gender identity (our personality) that may conform to binary ideals, or may not conform.

All humans can grow up to be men, women, both or neither. Regardless of our anatomy and if we are born anatomically endosex (not intersex), or anatomically intersex in some way.

Let me clear up the confusion I see happening now with these new laws that are creating gender neutral or gender X birth certificates.

An intersex person is not always “gender neutral”, “gender X”, “Gender Nonconforming”, “Intergender”, “two-spirited” or “Gender Nonbinary”.

You see, sometimes an intersex person, with a body that is anatomically or chromosomally intersex, has the gender identity of a typical conforming man or woman and they might not want to be shoved into a nonbinary box of any form.

So, although laws changing things for Nonconforming, or Nonbinary gender people are magnificent and amazing and should be celebrated! Let’s please stop assuming that all intersex people would want to use this type of box.

Therefore, an intersex baby still needs self-determination even if given a birth certificate that goes against the male/female binary ideals.

This baby just might grow up to not want a nonbinary birth certificate, due to being a conforming man/boy or woman/girl.

There are many ways to conform or not conform to the ideals of the male/female binary. Let’s always remember #SelfDetermination of our own personal #GenderIdentity is about our #HumanRights.

More thoughts for today, Part 2:

My biology and anatomic reality is intersex. This includes my genitals, reproductive system, hormones, and chromosomes.

Intersex is not a gender identity. My Gender identity is about my personality and in-between my ears.

Being born intersex describes our bodies, hormones, and chromosomes. It does not assume our gender identity.

An intersex person can have any gender identity: Man/boy, Woman/girl, BOTH or Neither when we grow up and have a voice about it. And their biology does not create their gender identity.

You see, just like many intersex people, I do not have an intersex gender identity. I do not match by anatomical reality.

My Gender identity is that of a Man. In this case a Nonconforming Man. I do know some people who are intersex who are “Intergender” and “Non-binary” though. This is their right to #SelfDetermination.

However, my anatomy and gender identity DO NOT MATCH the binary ideal of what creates an endosex (not intersex) man. I am a whole intersex man, and out of sheer luck was not surgically mutilated like most intersex people.

Also, I don’t want surgery to appear an endosex man. Some find surgery necessary, and this is their human right. I do not have gender dysphoria. I am ok with this body and my gender identity Not matching this male/female binary ideal.

I want to show this world that it needs to stop chopping on the genitals of #intersex babies/kids because I am proof we are lovable, #WeAreReal! #WeAreHuman!

I am an #IntersexMan, a #Husband, A #SeahorseDad, a #FamilyMan and my family and I believe all intersex people are lovable!

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