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Poem: IMAGINE being erased

I was in therapy learning that I was a girl. Sugar and spice and everything nice. At the same time, my little brother's emergence into this world was being celebrated. Snips and snails and puppy-dogs' tails IMAGINE YAY! they said.  His penis a glorious thing! He will stand to pee even! He gets to carry… Continue reading Poem: IMAGINE being erased

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Here is another sad example of Intersex Erasure:

Recently they have been trying to get the senate to pass a bill that would require Sex Ed to be LGBTQ inclusive.  This would be progress, this would be awesome even.  However, it still does not include intersex, nor the teaching of our intersex bodies. It is another example of intersex erasure.  Below I explain… Continue reading Here is another sad example of Intersex Erasure: