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Always up against the wall: Could I go get my Masters in a gender binary world?

I am seriously investigating a Florida University here and talking to professors to see if Earth’s gender binary belief, that is not mine, is going to keep me from being successful if I go back to school to get my Masters.
A Masters that I want to get that would possibly enable me on my path of being a more credible intersex educator in fighting for the human rights and the change of medical policy for intersex children. You see. right now NO medical policy exists to protect self-determination. Something InterACT Advocates for Intersex Youth are already fighting for.
In polite conversations, I am talking to people now who can answer this. You see, I refuse, at this point in my life, to abide to a gender binary that destroyed my life and the lives of so many innocent intersex infants and children.
It is an outright break in my civil and human rights to agree to something I do not agree to get “good grades”. You see, most LGBTQ Studies and human sexology courses teach with strict binary thinking. Worse, anytime intersex is mentioned it is referred to as “ambiguous”, is a “disorder”, a “syndrome”, and a “condition”. Every time transgender is mentioned it too is pathologized and scrutinized as something that needs to be fixed. Most teach, that all humans only have two choices, and that is to abide by a gender binary.
I don’t look at biological sex or gender this way. I do not conflate the two. Intersex is about being born with a bodily variation. I now believe for any human being, that our gender has nothing to do with our genitals, reproductive systems, hormones or chromosomes.
I refuse to abide at this point in my life to a social construct that has literally erased and destructed 1.7% of the human population and calls gender variant people “dysphoric”. I call this cultural dysphoria instead.
I am fifty years old with much to do. Using my energy to Celebrate the births of intersex and gender variant children might be done in a more constructive fashion. There are many ways an activist can change this world. Letters after my name might not be necessary when I am a life expert and a survivor. I wish I could get my “honorary” Ph.D. Even CLEP classes would not abide by my thinking the gender binary is a myth.
I will see!

A source that uses the right language: The United Nations’ Intersex Fact Sheet states that 1.7% of our population is born intersex. This means we are as common as redheads. With the world population currently at 7.6 Billion, this means 129 million people are born intersex. Most intersex experts believe this number is low too! This is not a small problem we face.

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