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I was picked to talk for TEDx Jacksonville Annual Conference October 20th, 2018



Anunnaki Ray Marquez_680x680_with-Logo

Thank you TEDx Jacksonville for giving me this opportunity to change this world.

I am feeling very emotional and very honored.  As a little boy, I had my voice taken from me. I now don’t have to be silent. I have given myself a voice. I will continue to promise to be the voice of children who have no voice and for those who can not have a voice. Like my cousin who was assigned Paul at birth, then surgically violated and turned into Paula. They died at 19 years old. God knows who they truly were. We will never know. Their voice was taken from them too.

Countless others, I now stand at the front lines with many. My gratitude overflows for each and every one of you who walked before me. Thank you.

This world has to change now. No more!

Purchase your tickets today:  

TEDx Jacksonville Annual Conference – October 20th, 2018.

 United Nations’ Intersex Fact Sheet

Photography by Tiffany Manning Pictures




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