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How I lost all my Privilege

I now appear a MINORITY in many ways.

I am the SAME PERSON, only my labels have changed.  

I have much to share with this world about hate, prejudice, and judgment now.



When I appeared a GIRL to this world:

At one time I was considered Cisgender, Heterosexual, and had White Female Privilege.  This was when I was married for over twenty years.  At this point in my life, my last name sounded like I was simply a white person.


Now, when I appear a BOY to this world:

I now appear a Gay Man, I am mixed up as a transgender man, and I am out to the world about being Born Intersex.  I also took back my birth last name, to better show I am half Spanish. However, due to appearing queer and gay now I have never experienced male privilege.

I am not sure Spanish, Queer, Intersex, Transgender, Gay men ever get male privilege.  Not in this world.   By emancipating my true identity, and my birth given family name, my white privilege is now gone.  I am a minority in many ways and now we obviously face prejudice as sexual minorities.  We now experience transphobia, homophobia,  intersex phobia, have lost friends and even our family due to bigotry.

I can’t imagine my life any other way though.  I now live my authentic self.  No, it was not a favor to me raising me a girl when I was always an intersex boy.  That plan miserably failed and I now fight for the self-determination of gender for all children.  Here is my autobiography.

If you are confused about the terms used above please go to LGBTQIA+ Human Sexuality Definitions.

 What has the world learned from my life experience?  Please comment below.  I want to hear your thoughts.




2 thoughts on “How I lost all my Privilege”

  1. When I transitioned to female I ceased being human.

    Then after finally being told about a surgery and about being a DES baby. I was told by the current medical community in the San Francisco Bay area this isn’t possible.

    Then after a MRI finding out I have a uterus and one ovary / Fallopian; I was told I need to be sterilized and that Intersex people like me don’t exist.


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