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Today is: “Gender Correct Day”

I have a dear lady friend.  Her name is Synthia Roy, and she lives in my city.  She now lives her authentic gender, after being assigned male at birth.   Her insight into what is happening around the definition of transgender, in our city, has truly concerned me.  I would like to talk about two issues.  Those who are jumping into transition without care, too fast, and those who are calling themselves “transgender” when we both personally feel they are not.

She feels that being “transgender” is in style now.  She calls some of the kids (teens and young adults) who think they are trans “Trans Hipsters”.


First of all, Synthia sees that the message of transgender is being changed into something she feels it is not.  To her transgender means to go from one thing to another.  A complete transition from one gender to another.  As in a complete transition from man to woman (M to F), or a transition from woman to man (F to M).

However, she now sees teens and young adults not truly realizing the seriousness of this; and like a McDonald’s Happy Meal, doing everything super fast.  We see people going in for  HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), and having surgeries, that they may or may not later regret.  This is a “fast food” world, after all. She sees many “transitions” ending with the person stuck in the middle; not truly a transition from one gender to the other at all.   She sadly has witnessed such “trans hipsters” de-transitioning back into their birth assigned gender; after reality hits.  That reality is that they are now a hated sexual minority; with the loss of work, family, friends and all the other sad things that happen.  When the seriousness of what it truly means to be transgender comes to light, most of these “trans hipsters” bailout.  A truly transgender person could never bail out of owning their authentic gender.


Second, we both feel that if somebody is gender non-conforming,  non-binary, or gender queer, that is fine.  Just don’t call it transgender.  We feel there is absolutely nothing wrong with non-conforming, non-binary, or gender queer.  However, don’t take on the label of transgender.   After all, there is no transition from MTF or FTM.   I might also educate, as for being intersex, a person can not become intersex or transition to being intersex.  There is no such thing as transitioning to intersex.


Being that I was born intersex, and having to do things hormonally to appear woman and now man; I could relate to being transgender in many ways.  However, never felt truly comfortable saying I was transgender due to never having a complete transition.   I now see this problem in our city and in our country.  For my friend Synthia Roy and me, it has created an atmosphere where one doesn’t want to say they are “transgender” anymore.  Like me, Synthia also feels she reclaimed her true gender as well.

So in conclusion to this problem,  she said, from this day forward instead of saying that she is “Transgender”, now that transgender has turned into something else,  she is going to say she is “GENDER CORRECT“.  I personally love it!   I too appreciate being able to say I am “gender correct” now, after living my wrong gender most my life.

So, as of today, November 29th, 2016; Synthia Roy and I hereby declare this day:




3 thoughts on “Today is: “Gender Correct Day””

  1. As you probably already know, the issue of ‘trans kids’ is really, really complicated! (I have a child that’s identified as trans for two and a half years now). There’s no easy answers: I recognise that human beings are incredibly diverse and complicated beings so while some are maybe ‘hipster trans’ others are definitely not. I can also only imagine how frustrating it must be when people confuse intersex and trans. (I’ll confess that sometimes I’ve wished my son had some intersex traits so that he and I could “prove it’s real” to other people – but that’s not something I’d confess everywhere). Anyway, this blog post was in my feed today and I though it complemented your thoughts on ‘gender correct’ day. I enjoy reading your blog – thank you for writing it:

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    1. I appreciate your following my blog. If I had a magic wand every human would be given the self-determination right to figuring out their own gender. None of us would be assigned our gender at birth. Some people believe that intersex traits could be as high as 1 in 150, and that this could help to explain the transgender experience. So many transgender people do not even know their sex chromosomes, or natural hormone levels. For example, Poly Cystic Ovaries can increase testosterone, and it seems that many FTM have PCOS. Intersex traits can be hormonal, chromosomal, or even genital differences. Bottom line, gender is not as simple as the social construct of just typical male and typical female. When we have met one transgender person, we have met one transgender person; and it can be very complicated indeed. Same with intersex. I do not feel one should have more social privilege over the other just because intersex can “prove it is real”. To me, gender is like one’s personality. It is as real as it gets, and dividing our personalities and gender into boxes is just wrong. Thank you for following my blog and enjoying it. I wish you and your child well.

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  2. I really liked this article! I wanted to show you and your readers one I published a little while ago that touches on the same subject. This is the last day you can comment on it before the comments are locked automatically :/

    I really liked some of your writing, you should consider publishing some of your content on that site to protect it from censorship and possibly monetize it. Thanks again for sharing these words with the world!


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