The Man with the Hidden Playground


Welcome to the Memoirs and Essays of Jim Costich, an Intersex Man

Jim Costich is a talented writer, singer, and parent through adoption, as well as a proud intersex gay man. Jim’s primary focus is on communitybuilding within the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies.  Jim seeks empowerment through solidarity with other oppressed minorities by being a bridge-builder between the intersex community and the transgender community.  He believes that the similarities intersex people have with LGBTQ people are more important than the differences.

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Jim Costich was in INTERSExION, a Documentary about being Intersex in 2012

Quote from the above link:

Most of the people who feature in this documentary had medical interventions to “fix” their so called problems (always by well meaning doctors and parents) – but some escaped the surgeries to repair and “normalize” their genitals and continue to live as Nature made them.

One of these is Jim Costich, from upstate New York who, despite some physical differences, identified as a man for his entire life. He only recently discovered that he in fact has female XX chromosomes.

“I wasn’t a partially developed male, I was an overdeveloped female, “ he says. “Here I am 44 years old and I find out I’ve got another piece of playground equipment I didn’t know I had. I wasn’t a man missing testicles. I was a man with a vagina!”


Here are some Intersex Pride creations by Jim Costich.  To purchase please visit: Jim’s Celestial Ceramics on Etsy