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When will the rest of the world catch up with Malta?


Stop the Genital Assignment of Gender in Intersex Infants.  

GENDER is not in our genitals.  It is in our brain.  GENDER is a social construct.  Our genitals are the product of the diversity of nature. There are many variances of genitals.  Our genitals do not always follow the “rules of the male/female binary”.

  Please Wait, and let the baby/child tell the world their GENDER.  Wait and let them decide if they want their intersex body surgically changed.

At this time, Malta is the only country with laws to protect intersex infants from  cosmetic genital surgeries and genital mutilation.

When will the rest of the world give Intersex Infants their Human Rights?

You can read about the country of Malta here: 

Words from Malta, the first nation to ban Intersex Genital Mutilation/IGM!

“I am very proud to be from a country that has from now on the most comprehensive and respectful laws when it comes to the rights of trans and intersex people. No one should be declared mentally ill, undergo forced surgery or [be] forced to go through a divorce, in order to be recognized as who they truly are.”
— Maltese Member of the Intergroup on LGBTI Rights, Miriam Dalli MEP.

Here is a copy of the ACT that was passed in Malta: 
Malta: Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics Act


Interface Project

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.36.21 PM

Advocates For Informed Choice

Here is a List of World Wide Organizations and Support:

World Wide Advocacy and Support



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