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Jim Costich’s Intersex Imposter Rant


By Jim Costich 

February, 7th 2019

There is no such thing as an “intersex poser”.  There are only people who are trying to figure out whether they are intersex.  Some of them have noticed things about their bodies that don’t match what is considered standard for the sex they’ve been told they are the most like.  Some have figured out that they must’ve had some type of pelvic surgery as a child but they can’t get answers as to why or what.  It is very important to keep in mind that some forms of intersex don’t even show up until puberty goes awry. Sometimes intersex is discovered even later.  There are always going to be individuals in adulthood questioning whether they might be intersex.  Sometimes they find out that they are intersex and sometimes they find out that they are not.  I don’t think anyone looking for answers to these kinds of questions deserves roughshod treatment.  To our great shame that is sometimes the treatment they get.

From the mid 20th century on there have been quacks lying to parents, hiding medical records or just not making them in the first place, or doing one surgery and recording another, (like castrations listed as hernia repair).  Some “sexperts” claimed that intersex people are male and female “posers”.  Our historians like Alice Dreger and Elizabeth Reiss have gone a long way to uncovering the motives behind the methods that derailed medical ethics in so spectacular failure that actual medical needs have been ignored in favor of abusing medicine and surgery to erase an entire variation of human existence.

Nature creates lots of individuals who are in between male or female but our societal bias against females and our loathing of the possibility that intersex individuals might be capable, or only capable of “homosexual sex” led “professionals” to invent and sell a surgical and pharmaceutical product that would eliminate us in early childhood, before we could object.  The claim was that we weren’t really males or females but due to the modern miracles of medicine, our bodies could be reshaped so that they couldn’t fool “normal” people.

Is that what we are? Male and female impersonators? Is our punishment for not being “real” males or females to have our phallic organs cut up and cut off?  By whose authority?  In the USA our government has no authority to order doctors to sterilize or mutilate the genitals of anyone.  One either has to find or coerce medical facilities into ignoring the law, (like was done in the case of the routine sterilization of Native Americans), or coerce and manipulate parents into giving their permission to allow their children to be revised anatomically and assigned an artificial gender.

Well then, by whose authority do mean spirited, foolish intersex people have to proclaim each other to be intersex impersonators?  Are we using the same definitions of intersex invented to police the bodies of children born in the 1970s and later?  What the hell are we hurting by being only 50%, 60% or 80% female or male, that some authoritarian King of Sex declares us not “good enough” to be men or women?  Exactly, what purpose does it serve us to extend the claim of our abusers that we are imposter males or females to turn on those seeking and searching by accusing them of being imposter intersex?   

Stop it.

Shut up and get to work doing something productive because there are children being mutilated every minute of every day.  Even those of us who were never mutilated are living with the reality that our civil rights do not exist the minute most of our governments figure out we are intersex.

Our civil rights are only as authentic as our “borrowed” sex.  None of us can afford to waste time and energy inventing a class of people even lower than we are so that we can have someone to kick around.  People chasing “imposters” are just sucking the oxygen out of the room.  They are like a snake swallowing its own tail.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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