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How to Add the “I” Responsibly to LGBT+


I am often asked how can we add the “I” responsibly to LGBT+.  Here is how:

Below are two pages to print, and several important links that you will need to use as references and/or add to your webpage if you want to become intersex responsibly inclusive.  

It is so important that the parents of intersex children, and all us intersex people, are guided to informed and safe people that will reinforce that “No Body is Shameful”, genital integrity, and that intersex is about having a natural bodily variation and not a disorder or syndrome.  Most importantly, these links and organizations below support that  an intersex child has the human right to their own self-determination of gender:  

Two PDF Files to print and distribute:

1) United Nations INTERSEX Factsheet from United Nations

2) Brief Guidelines for Intersex Allies

Links to add and make available on your websites or social media: 

1) Intersex Campaign for Equality  aka Organization Intersex International, USA:

2) Organization Intersex International: Oii-Australia

3) Organization Intersex International (World Wide Lists)

4) Intersex Support for Parents (Closed FaceBook Group)

5) Houston Intersex Society

6) InterACT Advocates for Intersex Youth:

7)  (Stop Intersex Genital Mutilation)  

8) Mx. Anunnaki Ray Gender/INTERSEX Activist, Educator, Writer and Speaker

For those outside of the United States: 

9) A list of:  Wold Wide Advocacy and Support for Intersex People.

Thank you for helping us to change this world! 

Imagine What Seven Billion

My thoughts about why we should add the “I” now:  Why I feel INTERSEX should be added to the LGBTQ rainbow






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