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I often hear: “I can’t even imagine…”


I often sadly hear:  “I can’t even imagine being a person like you.”  It is done with great empathy, love, and care even.

I know why this world failed to teach you about intersex people.  Sex Education even failed to teach me.  Worse, with surgeries and abortion Earth has tried to erase us off the planet.

The next thing out of their mouths is that they don’t want details.

It would be too much to hear.

And then they build a wall between us, and I can not explain what it is like to be a person with intersex traits, and a non-conforming gender.  I remain unimaginable….

I know why.  You see I am TABOO to this world when people born with intersex traits should not be taboo.

I am treated like an “alien” to this world.  Like a visitor….

“I can’t imagine”, they say……

“YIKES!” I say…I am right in front of you.  I exist.

My life is not unimaginable to those who are willing to truly enter it, and hear what I have to say.  I have a few friends who are able to listen with care and wake up to what it is like to be born in-between.

So…if you want to imagine, visit a few of my blogs…….go to the blogs and videos of other intersex people that I link this page to…..dare to imagine….

Open your mind to REAL people who walk this Earth with you, in which the world tried to erase.  We are not aliens, even though this world makes us feel like it.

WE ARE HUMAN, like you!

The world can no longer erase me.

The world can no longer erase intersex people, as long as I am here to remind you that we walk among you.

The world will “imagine” me…I am “REAL”.

You say, “I can’t imagine” because you don’t want to.

Today you make the choice, and if that choice is learning about the unimaginable, then

I thank you for helping to make Intersex VISIBLE.

WE ARE HUMAN with Feather


You can read more about me here: 

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Poem: I was never in the wrong body. (With 5 Intersex flags from around the world.)

My genitals are not “Normal”, but I don’t think normal is normal.


A link to others born intersex: 

Educational Videos, Websites, Blogs, Authors, and Articles






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