Intersex Activist, Poems

Poem: Strength is arriving when you want to die


is not how much you can endure before you break


is how much you can endure after you have been broken


is arriving when you want to die

the physical and emotional pain is so bad

but love keeps me here

rage keeps me here


is forgiving when people, who know better, do harm to me

I forgive for me

not you


is living in isolation because society has shut me out

what are you going to do about it?

it is not a safe world


is educating you when your mind is closed

I exist if your mind remains closed


is arriving as a caregiver to my husband and

holding him while he died

he did not survive leukemia and his bone marrow transplant

thirty-three years and now more alone


is being oneselves own caregiver

as a disabled, sick person

or having to rely on strangers

because no one arrives


is having a ministry

when this is not my world

I honor my sacred contract


is arriving to give spiritual care to your broken heart

it is not my personal problem

you hurt too

only wounded soldiers understand


is my being an ACTIVIST

to change this cruel world!

even if I might not see the changes

I arrived today,



By Anunnaki Marquez

March 18th, 2023


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