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Poem: You are a man, I am a man.

We are similar

but we are not the same

You are a man, I am a man

You say that is the same


There is more

Our world erased me so you don’t even know there is more

You are man, I am a man

I fathered your children from my womb

You loved me more with my beard

I am a man

The world warned that you would hate me

or call me delusional

You didn’t

You loved me more

You are a man, I am a man

Leukemia came and robbed our family of your health

I was so new to my emancipated true self

How cruel that things worked out like that

Through suffering we now

know true compassion

Through suffering we know a deeper love

that few can ever know

That few can ever survive

The tidal waves and tsunamis

of all the hate we received

Attacking each other even

not knowing what to do

because they expected us to hate each other

You are a man, I am a man

Taking our turns hiding in the closet

Until we realized life is too short

You could die now

We now have true compassion

Few will ever know true compassion

We are two men,


but not



we hurt each other

but we love again


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

February 21st, 2022

A 1631 painting of Magdalena Ventura, by José de Ribera, and a photo by Karmathartic of Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez and his husband, James.

Dedicated to ONE by U2

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