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Poem: Empty Nest of Compassion

My child,

Like me, you are given the Universe to

sort out.

I see you jump the nest, with your new wings,

with a deep love and


I see your suffering.

You attacked me with your rage.

I see how this pain is yours

and not mine.

My love never dies.

We both have much to learn

this lifetime.

I warn though,

Life is too short for some of us.

Life our school – may we all learn well

with love and


I take your anger as you jump the nest

and turn it

into more love and


I know nothing is permanent and

love always wins.

My lessons to you:

Prejudice doesn’t care

Prejudice destroys

Prejudice goes against good

Prejudice is evil

Prejudice will never win even if it thinks it has.

I know it is not permanent your rage and

love always wins!

My child,

you were never mine.

We simply raised you

and you are now free

the way it was always

meant to be.

Fly, fly, fly away……………….

and know you are

loved always.

By Anunnaki Ray Marquez

March 22nd, 2022


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