Poems, Prejudice

Poem: Nocked Down While Locked Down

I was born in such a way where 

hospitals and doctors don’t have to help me if they do not want to

Just so you know they no longer have to take the oath to do no harm

So because of prejudice harm is done

In April COVID19

almost kicked my ass while in lockdown

like it did thousands of other sick and dying people

they refused to see me when referred to specialists

In my medical record, I am out to all to see as a sexual minority

I tried to justify and

assume it was because I might be contagious and give COVID-19 to them

but was that the real problem


I will never know

if it was truly prejudice

and a nock down

or all because of COVID-19

and our lockdown

I do know one thing

I will never look at the

COVID-19 death toll the same!

For one reason or another

I was Nocked Down while Locked Down

and they can’t

deny it! 

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

May 16th, 2020



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