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Please help us to change the way they talk about us.

Today I posted this on my Public Facebook Page:  Mx. Anunnaki Ray’s Gender/Intersex Activist:


The message read:

****Please share this one and help those of us born intersex to change culture.****

I rarely ask for a favor, but PLEASE help this meme to go viral! Nothing is more frustrating than when documentaries educate wrong about us.
Only two countries, Malta and Chile, have laws to protect the genitals and fertility of intersex infants. Help us to change culture, so that the rest of the world wakes up to, what many of recognize as a form of GENOCIDE.
Calling us a “condition”, “disorder”, or “syndrome” has to stop. We do not say that a typical female or male, is born with a “condition”. An intersex person is born intersex, not as a condition. Biological sex is on a spectrum. Help us to teach the truth. The male/female binary is a myth.
To learn more go to these hashtags:

Here are additional articles you can read to educate yourself about the Eugenics and Genocide of those of us born intersex:

Here are two articles about the Eugenics and Genocide of intersex babies/people:
1) “Why I’m Disturbed by Screening for Intersex Traits in Utero” By: Claudia Astorino: 
2) “On Eugenics Abortion of Intersex” By Cary Gabriel Costello: 

#WeAreReal #WeAreHuman #GenderEtiquette101 #HumanRights #UnitedNations #SelfDetermination #Genocide #Intersex #IntersexAwareness #GenderBound #MyIntersexstory


Thank you for helping us to change culture.

All the intersex flags in our world right now.


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