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A Male/Female Mosaic Brain Proves We Need the Self-Determination of Gender



People have tried to create the myth that the brain is either male or female.  However, the science around this is very skewed, biased, and is always proven to be not good science at all.  I can see why transgender people, and their doctors, psychiatrists,  psychologist,  would be eager to want to prove the existence of a male or female brain.  Especially since our world has  been told that the genitals of a transgender person supposedly do not match their gender, and that the genitals of some intersex people are supposedly ambiguous and disordered.  Despite all this,  I now realize there might be a better rationale to giving all humans the freedom of picking their own gender.

Recently MRI studies have proven that there are no significant differences between the “male brain” and the “female brain”.  They have proven that the brain is such a mixture, that they can’t tell if the brain is either male or female.   So some say that  the brain is a MOSAIC of both male and female.  You can read references below.  However, I will note, how does anyone know what male and female brain is in the first place. That in itself is an assumption based on the social creation of gender.

Regardless, this is proving, what many, including myself, have said all along.  That Gender is a social construct, and that sex is a social construct.  Let me clarify for those who get gender and sex confused.  Gender is our personality and how we determine ourselves to be male, female or neither.  Sex, has to do with our reproductive system, genitals, hormones and chromosomes.  Both gender and sex have been created by cultural expectations, and thus the “myth” of the male/female binary was created.

It is time to stop Diagnosing those who do not obey this gender and sex social construct: 

From this male/female binary myth, came two diagnosis.  One being: “gender dysphoria”.  A diagnosis often given to people labeled transgender.  It is when they do not obey psychologically, and are told that their genitals do not “match” their gender.  The second being: “disorder of sexual development”.  When our bodies are born intersex, and in-between, and not conforming to this myth of  male and female.  Both transgender and intersex people are being told they need to have their bodies “corrected” to “match” this male/female social construct of gender and sex.

If the brain has now been proven to be a mosaic of both male and female, telling those of us born transgender or intersex that are bodies are wrong, simply has to stop now.  

This gives a new valid argument to ending all genital corrective surgeries on those of us born intersex.  As well as giving new freedom to those who are labeled transgender, or  say they are  gender non-conforming.  Sex assignment surgeries will no longer be so necessary to validate our true gender, by our world’s governments.

Human Brain is a Mosaic

The Male/Female Binary Myth can Come to an End Now.

It is my hope that the male/female binary myth, and the harm it has caused so many people will finally end now.  Now that we know the brain is a Mosaic of both male and female,  this argues that the self-determination of our own personal gender has to become a human right.

As human beings, may we all be given the right to pick our own gender.  No one should be assigned at birth based on our genitals.  We should all get that chance in life to determine what what we will; be it male, female or neither.   How we act, dress, appear as, whom we become, and what surgeries or hormones  we may or may not want,  should now be up to our own Self-Determination.

Bottom line, like I have said all along:  

Gender is a personal thing and how one feels internally about themselves.  Gender is not determined by our genitals, reproductive system, hormones or chromosomes.

The Self-Determination of Gender is a Human Right.


After I wrote this blog,  above,  I had some very deep thoughts, and would like to share them here:  If biological sex is a social construct, and gender is a social construct, according to MRI science. Then in reality a brain can’t be both “female” and “male”, nor a “mosaic” of both. It is simply a human brain. And if it is simply a human brain, then why are we not all receiving the right to assign our own gender? I know it is due to the social construct of biological sex claiming that genitals create male and female. My question is not about that; it is about science proving, that the self-determination, is truly a human right. Now to make the “gender experts” at our birth realize this. Between intersex and transgender, that’s a lot of people being mis-gendered at birth!


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