Hope, Poems, Prejudice

Poem: Help me end Cultural Dysphoria. I exist & it is okay.

I exist

even if you are blind

I exist

even if you can’t hear me

I exist

even if you deny my genitals

being different from you

I exist

even if you are uncomfortable around me


want to try to convince yourself

we are the same when we are different

or worse, that I am a mental illness or a disorder

I exist and it is okay

Sympathy doesn’t work

when you are not in my shoes

Don’t even pretend you could imagine,

you can not

Empathy, maybe if you have the ability to care and see

beyond your own binary reality

that you think is the only right reality

What you see will likely overwhelm you

so beware

and don’t blame me if it is scary to you

blame society

blame cultural dysphoria

for lying to both of us

and erasing my existence

Yes it might be scary for you to see

what was called taboo, an abomination, a curse,

the unmentionable

surgically erased or aborted

and yet

here it is me sharing too much with the world

to help you open your eyes

to a different reality



I exist and it is okay

It is okay to admit we are different

That their hate is

cultural dysphoria

I am happy that you are at least trying

and I thank you.

You are welcome to come into my world

but It is not okay to pretend

we are the same

when we are not

don’t do that to me

dare to feel your discomfort

and don’t take it out on me

Help me end cultural dysphoria!

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

September 23st, 2021

These graphics were all made by Lara Neira, a beloved friend, and an intersex survivor.


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