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Poem: Dear child, born like me

Precious Intersex baby

Dear Child, born like me,

I saw your blue eyes, yesterday.

Your eyes, as deep as the ocean, they touched my soul.

I could feel your insecurity, your anxiety, and happiness, to be with a person born like yourself for the first time ever.

I think it is in our eyes.

People see it in my eyes too.

What a beautiful person you are.  

Born perfect to a world that tried to erase you, like they tried to erase me.

Dear Child, born like me,

They can not erase who you are.  

Even if you do have scars.  

They can not erase you.

Your parents protect you now that they understand.

We will not allow them to hurt you no more.

Those days have to be over soon on Earth.

A new world must emerge for you,

and for others born like us.

I will be your voice until you develop your voice.

We are no longer invisible to this world.

What a beautiful child you are.

We will change this world.



By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez


June 25, 2017


This poem is dedicated to U2- PRIDE (In the Name of Love).


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