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Poem: Why did you want me to die?


Why did you want me to die?

The last I heard you were


that I saved my life.


that you now have a brother


that I did not die a broken


A very sick intersex woman

Why did you want me to die?

Did I ruin your plans for my funeral?

You felt sorry for our kids


they had a very sick “mom”

I heard that you said that

No secrets

You had abandoned us even when I was her

Who are you fooling?

Well, guess what?

I survived! 

And by the way

Our kids never had a mom

and they have two dads now

I did not die

I grow my beard now too

I don’t shave a damn thing anymore either

And we are all happier

I bike, weight lift, and run

I stink like a man, even


 how glorious it all is

to no longer be

an “Inappropriate Sick Female”

I am your BROTHER


If you like it or not



What a word to say to the LIVING

And despite how horrible you

have treated me most of my life……

I still love you.

By Anunnaki Ray Marquez

March 24th, 2016


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