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Chile outlawed unnecessary Genital “Normalizing” Surgeries on Intersex Babies! 2nd country to do so since last April 2015, when Malta was the first.

A Sad UPDATE to this blog: 

We thought Chili had outlawed these surgeries on nonconsenting intersex children. It ends up that something else ended up happening to the creation of this new law that invalidates the original resolution. Quote: On August 23, 2016, the Chilean Ministry of Health issued Circular No. 7, 2016, which invalidated Circular No. 18, 2015, which had been highlighted for demanding a cessation of irreversible and unnecessary surgeries and medical treatments in intersex children. Please read more: CIRCULAR 7, 2016: A STEP BACK IN THE FIGHT FOR THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF INTERSEX PEOPLE IN CHILE. By Laura Inter and Hana Aoi. 




FIRST TWO COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD, Chile and Malta, outlaw genital “normalizing” surgeries on Intersex infants and children.  Progress is such a beautiful thing.


Article in English: Chilean Officials Oppose Intersex Children “Normalization” Surgeries

Quote: “From this point forward there is a concrete tool to use to enforce the human rights of a group of people who have ‘been made invisible.  For decades, they have been victims of violence, torture and ignorance.” – See more at:

Article in Spanish:  Ministerio de Salud ordena detener cirugías a niños intersexuales.  As soon as it is translated will post that one.

Here is one more in English: Chilean officials oppose intersex children ‘normalization’ surgery –

HOPE is on this EARTH! 



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