Poems, Short Messages

Poem: Nothing takes away that kind of pain, or that kind of loss




Nothing takes away  that Kind of Pain or that Kind of  Loss


You broke my heart

Raising me a Girl

Why is it my voice was unheard?

You broke my soul

Telling me I was no good

I can still hear you saying I would amount to nothing

You needed me the black sheep of the family

A scapegoat of your own inner sickness

So you could hide behind my mutations and my illness

You broke my heart

Raising me a Girl

My voice was not heard, because you are deaf

You broke my soul

Because they taught you it was ok to do that

How could a man be like me?

Nothing takes away that kind of pain or that kind of loss


By Anunnaki Ray Marquez

I will never get over the anger of being robbed of my true gender. Robbed my life as a little boy.   Never!   Thank God they did not mutilate my genitals with their knives. They did it instead with hormones, and psychiatric ploys, which was bad enough. I am coping by being a Gender/Intersex activist now. I cope by trying to change this world so that harm is not brought to one more child.   When I visit that place of my violation, nothing takes away the pain or loss.

So I give that little boy, I could have been, a voice now.

I dedicate this poem to:  MAD WORLD By Tears for Fears

(I was in Highschool when I listened to this one.  Sometimes the words to a song are just perfect.)



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