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What are others saying about being intersex? Here is what they have to say:


 1) Please Read Article: 

9 Damaging Lies Doctors Told Me When I Was Growing Up Intersex

By Pidgeon Pagonis

“You’ve told one lie after another to my family and me since I was three months old. And thanks to you all, I – like millions of other intersex folks – have been forced to live two lives.”

Doctors gave this author and their family lots of misleading information about being intersex.  And they’re not the only family – lying is standard procedure.  Here’s why we need doctors to stop the lies.


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What Its Like To Be Intersex



2) Article:

“The big deal is that as a society, we’re hooked on the idea of sex as a binary thing.”

9 Ways Intersex Youth Want You to Support Them

By Kel Kray



3) Article:

“You may have noticed that here at Everyday Feminism, our queer-and-trans section is labeled “LGBTQIA.” And while “LGBTQ” might be familiar to a lot of you, the added “IA” often isn’t.”

Intersex 101: Respecting Variations in Biological Sex  

By Erin McKelle


4) Article: 

“As many as 4% of the population are predicted to be intersex, so it’s not rare at all.”
Intersex Awareness  

By Lauren Bird 


Intersex  is as common as red heads!  

5) Article:

“Such violations are rarely discussed and even more rarely investigated or prosecuted,” Hussein said. “The result is impunity for the perpetrators, lack of remedy for victims, and a perpetuating cycle of ignorance and abuse.”
Intersex Surgeries Are Human Rights Violations, Says U.N. Group  by Azeen Ghorayshi









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