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Poem: Born Purple By Er. Andrea V. Boisseau

Er. Andrea V. Boisseau CPS

A healthy baby was born this fine afternoon…

 To two grateful parents who lived by the lagoon.

There was a flutter of activity when they thought that the baby wasn’t healthy at all.

Doctors were sought from all over the country…

 To see what was wrong with this fine healthy baby.

One doctor said: “the penis was to short”.

The other one said: “the clit is too long.

So they decided to change little baby mark into lovely Susan Long.

They sliced and they diced a vagina to make,

 Who cares what Susan thinks our reputation is at stake.

Then the Phys got into a tizzy

Teaching little Susan why she was pretty.

You’re a girl there is no doubt in that.

You can talk all you want but a fact is a fact.

In doubt she walked

Not being able to talk

Hiding her pain

Just trying to be sane.

Until she found others that had what she had.

They said, “I was like you. I got real mad.”

They walked and they walked

As sisters they talked.

Now he finally came out

By telling others what it is all about.


By Er. Andrea V. Boisseau CPS

(Aka “Vickie”)

New England Director of Intersex Campaign for Equality (IC4E), the USA Branch of Organization Intersex International and

Born intersexual in Worcester in 1958, Vickie Boisseau is an author and activist whose work has included the campaign for gender-neutral bathrooms in Worcester State University and the founding of the first Intersex Awareness Day at the University of Montana-Missoula in the early 2000s.  Boisseau is the New England Director of the Intersex Campaign for Equality.

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try”

                                                     -John F  Kennedy


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