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Poem: When Suffering ends, life ends too.

To have peace with suffering one has to realize that when suffering ends life ends too.  

To have peace with suffering is to find peace in this fallible life in its entirety. 

Not just praising our joys – but embracing our blood, sweat and tears, too.  

Our very death becomes as sacred as birth. Our birth a metaphor of much suffering to come.  

My losing so much is like the stank, stark, sludge on the bottom of the pond. My physical and emotional pain so intense it takes my breathe away – only to remember I do have precious breath still. For you.  

For you – I say. 

The lotus flower will bloom – but when?  

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

January 13th 2022

This photo was taken just days before my beloved husband, James, died on Dec. 9th, 2022. It was taken on Dec. 5th, 2022. These are our two Sphynx kittens, Red and Nami, that I had given to him as a gift months before he would pass away. They helped him to transition. Life is fragile. He was taken too young. How?

Sometimes the lotus flower blooms for death. So why do we fear death when such beauty comes fourth to bloom such a beautiful flower?


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