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Poem: Your Lofty Bigot Friends Won’t Save You

You used me

You now threaten me

I am glad you are filled with guilt

You used me

I am prepared to receive my restitution

You used me

You won’t get away with it

Even the bigots that surround you

can’t do anything against the truth

You used me and then threw me away like trash!

Just like the privileged people

who walked before you and who taught you well!

Shame on you all!


I am prepared to go to my reporters and to the outcasts who love me

I am prepared to go to jail – the truth will set you free

I am prepared to write another famous letter, too

I do not care what your lofty bigots say

or how you threaten me through them

No bigot judge can save you

They can not protect you

I will not be silenced

Good Wins


Do you hear?

Your lofty bigot friends

won’t save you

You know you are privileged


you are








By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

August 26th, 2022


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