Poems, Prejudice

Exploited, too!

Nothing new

Marginalized and exploited

Nothing new

History repeats but with us, now

Nothing new

You exploited us,

but now you become the victim

when it is called out

A victim of your own guilt

and wrongdoing

It causes you great suffering,

your guilt

This has nothing to do with me

You should know right from wrong

but do you?

Nothing new

Exploited for your gain

Nothing new

Standing on the back of the one that lifted you up

you remain with your head up high in the rafters

We are awake now to your kind

You’re an


Your actions

prove you only care about

yourself not us

Because you are an


not a


Nothing new,

you caused our suffering!

So stop being the victim called out!

You do not care if I live or die.

I was Exploited,


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

August 11, 2022

Poem: Poem: EXPLOITED!


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