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Poem: The Monster was you all along!

Most of my life I was taught that the monster

was within me

If only I could

be more feminine

be more inteligent

be more conforming

be more ordinary

be a proper girl

Most of my life I was taught that I was the


and I worked hard to prove you right

Conforming to be the girl and a beautiful woman

that therapy and doctors taught me I had to be

Most of my life I was taught that the monster

was within me

I was too queer

I was too masculine

not feminine enough

I was too out there

but really a gay boy

With your “expertise”

you told me that I was too crazy or mentally ill

you convinced my family even

so much for your Ph.D., M.D. or Masters

sorry, all that school failed you

Most of my life you taught me I was the problem

When I woke up and found out you were Monster

you are too straight

too cis

too binary

too brainwashed

too ignorant

too homophobic

too transphobic

too closed-minded

the monster was always you

you gaslighted me

right out of existence

with your strict pink and blue binary notions

I almost died

admit it

as long as you were paid

you didn’t care if I lived or died

you abandoned me sick to prove it

when I told you I was born a boy

but I survived

it didn’t work

I saved myself

no thanks to you and your expertise

I legally exist now

an Intersex gay man

The Monster was you all along!

now I get to teach you


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

August, 16th, 2020

Poem: I am a Hermaphrodite

My Accomplishments



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