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Poem: A Service Dog’s Perfect Love


Our beloved dog.

You loved your family

loyally since day one.

A gift to us from the angels.

Your ability to detect seizures and lactic acidosis even.

We found a dog school that taught us to train you into service.

You officially became a service dog and went everywhere with us.

Allowing us to put our daughter to bed alone, with you guarding her all night

with your angel dog wings.

In case she might need me, you would come to get me.

Moose, you loved your family loyal on planes, trains, buses, and even horses and wagon!

In restaurants, you would lay under the table waiting for us to sneak you

a delicious treat.

Sometimes the waiter or waitress would break the rules

and bring you an entire bowl of your own!

“Do not touch, Working”, your warning to strangers.

So that they did not distract you from your job.

Then that day of retirement.

We no longer needed you, we got better.

You could simply be a happy dog now.


we love you beyond any words can say

in this tribute to you.


Tears fall,

how short your life was,

and yet you witnessed two lives in one.

You saw me change form an intersex woman to an intersex man.

You cared, enough to fall in love with me again when most abandoned me.

My man smell scared you at first.

In the dark of the night, you barked in the hall at me growling,

thinking a burglar had entered your own home.

Then you saw I had changed, it was me.

A new me and you loved me and kissed me.

You loved me when most hated me.


Moose, Cancer consumes your body now.

At ten years old you did well for a ninety-five-pound dog.

It is so unfair how short your life will be.

We wait in grief, giving you comfort until it is time to say goodbye forever.

To take shorter walks now in the warm sun, where you love to visit nature.

Then we will give you the gift of dignity.

We trust when you pass away and are free from pain and free from this cruel world

you will orchestrate bringing the next new puppy into our lives form the other side.

Another match made in heaven, and to begin again

through adoption, like you adopted us.

…only to miss you forever

and ever,

till we meet again.


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

March 11th, 2020

Facebook post;

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 11.42.01 PM



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