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Poem: Your Open Mind

Telling me you have an open mind makes you think

you are safe and that you will allow yourself to be friends with me.

I am a minority:




With a friendly smile, you tell me you have no problem with how I live my life.

It made me worry about you though when you told me this.

Here is why….

Do you need to know that I accept who you are?  

You are the majority:





Do you feel safe with me, or do you just assume it?

You do not know me or my story, I do not know yours.

Like you, maybe I did not have a choice but to be who I am. 

If I did not have a choice but to be born this way, am

I any different than you? 

I exist even if your mind is closed.

I exist even if you hate and reject my lifestyle and my culture.

If you had simply accepted me and loved me unconditionally

as a human being would there have been the need to share that you had an

open mind?

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez
March, 10th, 2018



We EXIST even if your mind is closed


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