Cosmetic Genital Surgery, Human Rights Violations, Self-Determination

The United Nations Says: Stop the Torture

Unless the infant’s life is in danger, it is time to stop ‘normalizing’ surgeries on people with intersex conditions.  Lives have simply been destroyed.  Too many medical errors are being made.

UN Condemns “Normalization” Surgery for Intersexuality

“The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture (SRT) just released a statement condemning the medical profession’s nonconsensual treatment of inter sexuality.”


Prepared by Alice Dreger, Ph.D., for the Intersex Society of North America


“Intersex is a relatively common anatomical variation from the “standard” male and female types; just as skin and hair color vary along a wide spectrum, so does sexual and reproductive anatomy. Intersex is neither a medical nor a social pathology.”


“Intersexed genitals are not a medical problem. They may signal an underlying metabolic concern, but they themselves are not diseased; they just look different. Metabolic concerns should be treated medically, but intersexed genitals are not in need of medical treatment. There is no evidence for the concealment paradigm, and there is evidence to the contrary.”


Pidgeon Pagonis’ Story:

Surgery to pick gender no longer the only option for intersex children.

“Pagonis’ parents knew nothing about the conditions — or about the surgeries’ troubling risks, including damage to sexual function, satisfaction and psyche later on.”


“Intersex conditions are often confused with gender identity issues, but they’re different. Gender orientation refers to whether someone identifies as male, female, or something else; intersex involves reproductive anatomy. Some affected children have typical male or female chromosomes, but genetic glitches and hormonal problems that begin in the womb, cause the genitals to resemble those of the opposite sex. Others have a male-female blend of sex chromosomes and reproductive organs.”


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