IV. Romantic and Affectional Orientation

Romantic orientation also called affectional orientation. Romantic Orientation indicates the sex or gender with which a person is most likely to have a romantic relationship or fall in love.

In Alphabetical Order

Aromantic or Non-romantic: when an individual rarely experiences romantic and/or emotional attraction to other individuals, but still experiences sexual attraction.


Aromantic Flag 

Bi-romantic: Romantically attracted to more than one sex or gender.

Ceteroromantic: Someone who experiences romantic feelings only to non-binary people.

Ceteromantic Flag

The Ceteromantic Flag 

Demiromantic: Only experience romantic attraction only after a strong emotional bond has been established.

Greyromantic: Only occasionally experiences romantic attraction.

Heteroromantic: Romantically attracted to a different sex or gender.

Homoromantic: Romantically attracted to the same sex, and/or gender.

Nebularomantic flag

Nebularomantic is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum. Much like quoiromantic those who are nebularomantic are unable to distinguish the difference between romantic and platonic attraction. But in the case of nebularomantic people that is due to one’s status as neurodivergent. The term nebularomantic should only be used by neurodivergent people.

Panromantic: Romantically attracted to people regardless of sex, and/or gender.

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