Poems, Prejudice

Poem: Hey, Haters!

Hey, Haters!

Why is it you all talk the same?

Is it because hate is boring, and takes no imagination or intelligence?

Hey, Haters!

Why is it that you always gang up on the weak?

Is it because you are a bully, and you live in fear that someone bigger will squash you?

Hey, Haters!

Why is it you use the innocent to use as your pawn?

Is it because on your own you would not be able to justify your wrongdoing?

So you create a fairy tale, a tall tale, then tell the world it is true?

Hey, Haters!

Good wins and evil loses

It doesn’t matter how hard you try in your care-less fit of rage

Good always prevails

Good always wins

The truth always

sets us free!

By Mx. Anunnaki Marquez

April 1st, 2022


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