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Poem: Mom, please don’t let them kill me.

I was once born an

innocent little boy

I was reaching out to you with 

my heart and soul

I begged please don’t let me go

Nights were long and lonely


Yet, each day

as a girl,

they took hold of my hand


As a boy, I could not

help you understand

you refused to see me

Won’t you please,

give me love?


I was invisible to you

so I had to share that love

with the girl you made me be

because they told you I could not exist.


No one to help me cope

The government, doctors, and councilors

against me

with such a heavy load

I was so little facing the burden of



as they killed me

I became the living dead

mom, you could not see

as you called me Tony

with an i


Yet, to this day

a survivor of such horrors

a living nightmare


trying to touch and reach you with

my heart and soul


Won’t you please,

give me love

Give me life.

Don’t kill us before we are even born

I beg you

to never do this to another little



This is our world too

Let me drop this heavy load

now that I am a



Take hold of my hand,


As you listen to our words you can 

now understand

it is eugenics


Give me hope

Help me cope

it was never my

heavy load


Trying to reach you with

my heart and soul


People in power and control

Won’t you

end this



By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

August, 16th, 2021

I would have been known as Tumtum.


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