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Poem: Dear Dad, Invisible is no way to live.

Dear Dad,
INVISIBLE Is no way to live
I was your little boy, that could never be seen
The doctors told you I was born a girl
You and mom believed them
My brother stole the show from me
He was your son
I was the broken one
They taught me that I could not be
So I believed I was not meant to be seen
So I became the beautiful broken one
The “Tom Boy”, whatever that means to a boy
INVISIBLE is no way to live
I cut my arms and you watched me bleed, but you did not see that either
The red trickled down my arms made me feel more alive
Even then I was invisible
I believed them when I could not be more
INVISIBLE is no way to live
I wished for death and I often dreamed of being him
I never wanted to wake up to this world
Trapped in what culture made me to be
A girl
A prison that became a blur
Now, a distant memory
Most my life taken
INVISIBLE is no way to live
Yet, I live now
And yet, to you, I was always dead
Your son
You never got to know.
Anunnaki Ray Marquez
February 28th, 2016
This poem dedicated to U2-Invisible




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