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The Letter I wrote National Geographic


Dear Editors of National Geographic,

This is a most urgent matter. I hope you can fix this horrendous error as soon as possible. It has been brought to my attention that you are using the wrong definition of intersex in your “GENDER REVOLUTION” article.

By calling intersex a “disorder of sexual development” you are promoting genital mutilation, abortion of intersex fetuses, and are also promoting genital cosmetic non-consensual surgeries. No parent wants a child with a disorder. Doctors use this to justify fixing bodies that are naturally occurring and genetic specialist are telling parents to abort healthy babies with intersex variations. Very rarely do we require medically necessary surgeries and many healthy, intelligent fetuses are being destroyed. Worse, these surgeries lead to being assigned the wrong gender, they take away bodily parts we may want when we are older, as well as taking away our fertility and sexual sensation. The UNITED NATIONS has declared it torture!

Intersex people are born with NATURAL BODILY VARIATIONS according the the UNITED NATIONS. The UNITED NATIONS has declared that these surgeries be stopped! I urge you to please go to the United Nations INTERSEX FACT SHEET and correct this error as soon as possible:

I was born intersex in 1967 and became a Gender/Intersex Activist, after my life being destroyed by being raised the wrong gender. I do everything I do now to stop this atrocity from happening to other children. To learn more about me, please go to my website and Facebook Pages.
My Website: and Mx.AnunnakiRay Gender/Intersex Activist Public Facebook Page: and Transgender/Intersex Civil Rights Community; Facebook Page:….

Sincerely, Mx. Anunnaki Ray


I urge you to write too.  Together we can change culture, together we can save lives.

You can write your letter to:
Email: AND
Fax: 202-828-5460
Letters should be addressed to:
Susan Goldberg
@susanbgoldberg Editor in Chief of National Geographic Magazine, Editorial Director of National Geographic Partners


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